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More than Whiskey! The 7 most exciting non-whiskey items to sample!

Updated: Sep 22, 2019

It's called the WeHa Whiskey Festival, but there's much more to enjoy besides whiskey. We've evolved over the years to a full spirits and even wine tasting event! If you want a palate cleanser, give our favorite non-whiskey items a try!

High West A Midwinter Night Dram

1. Robert Mondavi Private Selection Barrel Aged Wines

Wine at a whiskey festival? Yup. Three years ago we had a single wine at our festival and it ended up being the top seller! Barrel aged wines are catching on of late for it's unique boldness and intensity. Included at this year's festival are three wines from the legendary Robert Mondavi winery: Robert Mondavi Private Selection Bourbon Barrel Cabernet, Rum Barrel Merlot, and Rye Barrel Red Blend.

Find it at the Lead Sponsor Constellation Wine Table

2. Aperol and Campari Cocktails

The Aperol Spritz took the country by storm this year. Popping up on every trendy cocktail bar menu from East Coast to West. It's light, delicately balanced, and incredibly "instagramable". The folks at Campari wanted to change things up this year and serve creative cocktails at their table. We can't wait to give them a try!

Find it at the Campari table

Do you have your tickets yet? Grab them before the sell out! Click here to purchase

3. Bully Boy Hub Punch

Bully Boy Distillers out of Boston is gaining some serious steam with their craft spirits and pre-batched cocktails based on pre-prohbition era recipes. Enter The Hub Punch. The recipe uses Bully Boy's classic Boston Rum as a base and infuses orange, raspberry, lemon, and a select combination of botanicals. Pour it over ice and it is ready to drink. Find it at the Bully Boy table

4. The Real McCoy 14 Year Limited Edition Rum

96 Points, Wine Enthusiast. This limited edition opens with the guns a-blazing: it's spicy and brisk, loaded with cinnamon and clove. The drying midpalate shifts to oak and walnut, then fades away on gentle, dreamy layers of brown sugar, caramel, orange peel and a hint of dried apricot. We know there are some Rum fanatics out there. Make this your first stop!

Find it at Lead Sponsor Constellation The Real McCoy Table

5. On the Rocks Premium Cocktails

For those who do not believe in love at first sight, give these a try. Super delicious, not too sweet, and hard to tell it’s premixed. Natural ingredients sweetened with cane sugar. You’ll get a 3 cocktails in a bottle that you simply pour over ice! If you're having company and don't want to stress out about a stocked cocktail bar, buy a few bottles of these and everyone will be happy! Give all the varieties a try at this year's festival. Of course, we recommend the Old Fashioned!

Find it at the On the Rocks table

6. Lunazul "Smoked" Blanco Tequila

Smoke. It's not just for Mezcal. For the home mixologists out there, you'll want to pay attention to this Tequila. Aromas of smoked jalapenos, green peach and roasted agave create a complex nose. On the palate the flavors are more smoky and balance each other well. More stone fruit notes come through in the finish. If you love peaty and smoky Single Malts, be sure to stop by and try this one.

Find it at the Slocum and Sons table

7. Smuggler's Notch Hopped Gin

Gin. Is. In! This hand-crafted 90-proof gin is made in extremely small batches during which the alcohol vapors pass through locally sourced Vermont Cascade hops and organic juniper berries suspended in the column of our still. This quintessentially unique yet classic gin begins with a sensational rich citrusy hop nose. Gentle overtones of fresh juniper and light citrus flavors intermingle in a satiny dry-yet-flavorsome medium-full body with a long, elegant and smooth finish.

Find it at the 90+ Cellars Latitude Beverage Company featuring Smugglers Notch Distillery table

Taste all of these at our 7th Annual WeHa Whiskey Festival on Saturday October 5th! Do you have your tickets yet? Grab them before the sell out! Click here to purchase

All items available while supplies last. Subject to change without notice.

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