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Embrace your inner pirate! The 5 Rums we are most excited to try!

Whether you're crafting your favorite tiki cocktail or sipping it straight, these rums will fit the bill. As we continue to evolve from a purely whiskey festival, these are the rums we're most looking forward to trying.

High West A Midwinter Night Dram

1. Bacardi Gran Reserva Diez

Not the Bacardi you're thinking. Gran Reserva Diez is aged for a full 10 years under the Caribbean sun. Filtered only before aging, with bright notes of stone fruits, banana and pear, balanced with caramelized vanilla and oak. This isn’t a typical Puerto Rican rum. It’s much more velvety, fuller bodied, heavier, and overall elegant.

Find it at the Bacardi table

2. The Real McCoy Limited Edition 14 Year

96 Points, Wine Enthusiast. This limited edition opens with the guns a-blazing: it's spicy and brisk, loaded with cinnamon and clove. The drying midpalate shifts to oak and walnut, dreamy layers of brown sugar, caramel, orange peel and a hint of dried apricot. Vibrant, dry medium body and a warming, complex, long finish manifesting nuances of Champurrado, dried mango, creme brulee, hickory, and flamed orange finish. An elegantly dry rum with layers and layers of flavor; time has been very good to this spirit.

Find it at the Lead Sponsor Constellation - The Real McCoy table

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3. Brugal 1888

The spirit begins life aging up to eight years in ex-bourbon casks, before being finished for up to six more years in European oak ex-oloroso sherry casks. Extremely smooth and sweet with light spices and smoke. Aging brings out deep caramel and vanilla tones with faint spice. Finish is long and mellow. Perfect for sipping.

Find it at the Edrington table

4. Bully Boy Boston Rum

New England has a long and storied history of rum production that dates back to the 1600s. Bully Boy, out of Boston, uses a mix of blackstrap molasses, which imparts vanilla notes, and sweet molasses, which has a cleaner, fruitier flavor. The combination creates a really unique, nuanced taste. Bully Boy ages the spirit in used whiskey barrels, which not only mellow the rum, but also add layers of complexity: Chocolate, vanilla, oak and more that all comes from the barrel. While you're there, try Bully Boy's Hub Punch!

Find it at the Bully Boy table

5. Smugglers Notch Rum

Smugglers’ Notch Distillery is a father and son endeavor founded in Jeffersonville, Vermont. Their Smugglers’ Notch Rum is distilled from molasses and double aged. After 3 years maturing in charred American white oak barrels, this single-barrel amber rum then finishes in their own bourbon barrels for another year.

Find it at the 90+ Cellars Latitude Beverage Company featuring

Smugglers Notch Distillery table

Honorable Mentions: Robert Mondavi Private Selection Rum Barrel Aged Merlot, Bully Boy Hub Punch and On the Rock Mai Tai Premium Cocktail

Taste all of these at our 7th Annual WeHa Whiskey Festival on Saturday October 5th! Do you have your tickets yet? Grab them before the sell out! Click here to purchase



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