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Products sampled at the 10th Annual WeHa Whiskey & Spirits Festival

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VIP Tasting - Partial list of Special and Rare offerings

Van Winkle Special Reserve 12 Year
Gran Patron Piedra Extra Anejo
Fuenteseca Reserva 7 Year Extra Anejo
Starlight Double Oaked 6 Year Toasted Series
Michter's Toasted Barrel Rye

Michter’s 10 yr. Single Barrel Rye

Old Forester Birthday Bourbon ’22
Joseph Magnus Triple Cask Finished Bourbon
Russell’s Reserve 13 Year
Garrison Brothers Ladybird
Woodford Reserve Masters Collection Batch Proof

Michters 10 Yr. Single Barrel Bourbon

Beam Suntory - Platinum Sponsor

Maker's Mark Original
Maker's Mark 46
Maker's Mark Cask Strength
Knob Creek Bourbon 9 Year
Knob Creek Rye
Knob Creek Maple
Jim Beam Black
Jim Beam White

Basil Hayden Original
Basil Hayden Malted Barley
Clermont Steep
Basil Hayden Toast
Basil Hayden Dark Rye
Laphroaig 10 Year
Laphroaig Select
Bowmore 12 Year

Pernod Ricard USA - Gold Sponsor

Jefferson's Very Small Batch
Jefferson's Ocean Rye
Rabbit Hole Cavehill
Rabbit Hole Dareringer
Smooth Ambler Contradiction

The Glenlivet Old Fashioned
The Glenlivet Manhattan
Martell Blue Swift
Chivas XV

Diageo - Gold Sponsor

Johnnie Walker

Johnnie Walker Red
Johnnie Walker Black
Johnnie Walker Double Black

Johnnie & Ginger (Johnnie Walker Red)

Johnnie & Peach (Black)

Johnnie Walker Hot Toddy (Black)

Johnnie & Green Tea (Double Black)


Bulleit Old Fashioned RTS

Bulleit Manhattan RTS

Apple Cider Bulleit Bourbon

Baha Punch & Bulleit Rye

Bulleit Bourbon 10 Year

Bulleit Rye

Silver Sponsor Tasting Tables

Bacardi USA

Angels Envy

Bacardi Cuatro Anejo Rum

Bacardi Diez

Bacardi Ocho

Santa Teresa

Pyrat XO Rum


Barrelsmith Cocktails

Barrelsmith Boulevardier

Barrelsmith Manhattan

Barrelsmith Negroni


Brown Forman

Jack Daniels Tennessee Fire

Jack Daniels Bonded

Jack Daniels Bonded Rye

Woodford Double Oaked

Woodford Wheat

Old Forester 1910

Old Forester 1920


Bruichladdich Distillery

Bruichladdich Classic Laddie

Bruichladdich Islay Barley 2013

Port Charlotte 10 Year Old

Port Charlotte PMC 01


Craft Connecticut

Garrison Brothers Balmorhea (Double Barrel)

Garrison Brothers Small Batch 94°

Proof & Wood The Representative (2023 world's best Bourbon)

Proof & Wood The Senator 6 Year Rye

Doc Swinson's Alter Ego Triple Cask

Doc Swinson's 7 Year Bottled-in-Bond Rye

Preservation Distillery Old Man Winter Bourbon

Rare Perfection 15 Year 4-Grain


Gallo - Connecticut Distributors Inc.

Dalmore 14 Year

Dalmore 15 Year

Dalmore 12 Year Sherry Cask

Don Fulano Fuerte

Don Fulano Reposado

Don Fulano Anejo


Heaven's Door

Ascension Kentucky Bourbon (92 Proof)

Revelation Double Barrel Whiskey (100 Proof)

Heaven's Door Refuge Rye (92 Proof)

10 Year Decade Series Straight Rye (100 Proof)

CT Special Select Cask Strength Single Barrel (120.9 Proof)


Heaven Hill

Elijah Craig Single Barrel

Elijah Craig Rye


Rittenhouse Rye

Henry McKenna Single Barrel


Evan Williams BIB

Evan Williams 1783

Hudson Valley Distillers

Hudson Cocktail Co. Lemon Drop

Hudson Cocktail Co.  Basil Crush

Hudson Cocktail Co. Thyme for Bees Knees

Hudson Cocktail Co. Jacked Up Sidecar


John Fitch Distilling

Morgan Horse Bourbon

Mariner Premium Vodka

Kentucky Coffee

Kentucky Coffee Whiskey


Latitude Beverage Company

Wheel Horse Bourbon

Wheel Horse Rye

Northcross Irish Whiskey

Zarpado Tequila Blanco

Zarpado Tequila Reposado


Litchfield Distillery

Litchfield Batchers Bourbon

Litchfield Batchers Agave

Litchfield Batchers Vodka

Litchfield Batchers Gin

Old Fashioned




Michter's US*1 Bourbon

Michter's US*1 Rye

Michter's US*1 Sour Mash

Michter's US*1 American Whiskey

Los Siete Misterious Doba-Yej Mezcal

Bubba's Burn Sugar Whiskey

Bubba's Marshmallow Chocolate Whiskey


Middlewest Spirits

Middlewest Spirits Straight Wheated Bourbon

Middlewest Spirits Pumpernickel Rye

Middlewest Spirits Bourbon Cream

Next Century Spirits

Bear Fight American Single Malt Whiskey

Numbskull Cool Mint & Chocolate Whiskey

Creek Water American 100 Proof Whiskey

Creek Water Cinnamon Whiskey

Palm Bay International

Drumshanbo Single Pot Whiskey

Drumshanbo Galanta Single Malt Whiskey

Drumshanbo Pinot Noir Barrel Single Pot Whiskey

Jacob's Pardon Small Batch #1

Jacob's Pardon Small Batch #3

Dos Maderas 5+5 Rum

Penelope Bourbon

Penelope Bourbon Four Grain

Penelope Bourbon Barrel Strength

Penelope Bourbon Architect

Penelope Bourbon Toasted Series

Piedmont & McCormick Distillers

Five Farms Irish Cream

Midnight Moon Apple Pie Moonshine

The Clover Single Barrel Selection (Maximum Beverage Exclusive)

Tequila Rose

Piedmont & McCormick Distillers

Five Farms Irish Cream

Midnight Moon Apple Pie Moonshine

The Clover Single Barrel Selection (Maximum Beverage Exclusive)

Tequila Rose


Proximo Spirits

Great Jones Bourbon

Stranahans Blue Peak

Stranahans Diamond Peak

Black Dirt Cask Strength

Tin Cup American Whiskey 10 Year

Proper 12 Irish Whiskey

Proper 12 Irish Apple

Bushmills Prohibition

Bushmills Black Bush

Bushmills Malt 12 Year


Quiver Spirits

Quiver Spiced Honey Spirit

Quiver Quince Sour Spirit

Regimental Spirits Company

Regimental Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey

Regimental American Whiskey

SoNo 1420 America's Maritime Distillery

1420 Special Reserve

1420 Single Cask

1420 Barrel Proof

1420 Finished at Sea

1420 Double Cask - Maple

Blaze Cinnamon Bourbon

Starlight Distillery

Port Barrel Finished Bourbon (Maximum Beverage Single Barrel)

VDN Barrel Finished Bourbon (Maximum Beverage Single Barrel)

Starlight Distillery Double Oaked (American) Bourbon

Starlight Distillery Blackberry Whiskey

Starlight Distillery Carl T Huber Bourbon

Symphony Importers (Gelston's & Whitley Neill)

Gelston’s Blended Irish Whiskey

Whitley Neill Gin Original Dry

Whitley Neill Gin Blood Orange

Whitley Neill Gin Rhubarb Ginger

Whitley Neill Gin Quince

Syndicate Distillers

Syndicate Distillers Kentucky Straight Bourbon 90 Proof

Syndicate Distillers Kentucky Straight Bourbon 110 Proof

Syndicate Distillers New York Straight Bourbon 90 Proof

The Fort Distillery

Mountain Pass Glacier Whisky

Mountain Pass Honey Whisky

Tumbler and Rocks Cosmo

Tumbler and Rocks Old Fashioned

Tumbler and Rocks Lemon Martini

Tumbler and Rocks Manhattan

Tumbler and Rocks Espresso Martini

The Long Drink Company

Long Drink Traditional

Long Drink Strong

Long Drink Cranberry

Long Drink Zero

Three Chord Bourbon

Trinchero Family Estates

Amador Double Barrel Chardonnay Finish

Amador Double Barrel Cabernet Finish

Amador Doule Barrel Port Finish

Hanson 80 Vodka

Hanson Cucumber Vodka

Hanson Meyer Lemon

Hanson Mandarin

Westward Whiskey

Westward Whiskey Original

Westward Whiskey Pinot Noir Cask

Westward Whiskey Stout Cask

Westward Whiskey Cask Strength


Whistlepig 10 Year Rye

Whistlepig 12 Year Rye

Piggyback Rye

Piggyback Bourbon

Wild Turkey Distilling

Wild Turkey Longbranch

Wild Turkey 101 Rye

Wild Turkey Rare Breed Bourbon

Wild Turkey Rare Breed Rye

Russell's Reserve 10 Year Bourbon

Montelobos Espadin

Montelobos Tobala

Wilderness Trail 

Wilderness Trail BIB Wheated Bourbon

Wilderness Trail BIB High Rye Bourbon

Wilderness Trail BIB Straight Rye

Wilderness Trail Single Barrel Rye

Espolon Anejo Tequila

Espolon Cristalino Tequila

Mayenda Blanco Tequila

William Grant & Sons

Balvenie 12 Year Doublewood

Balvenie 14 Year

Glenfiddich 12 Year

Hendricks Flora Adora

Hudson Bright Lights Big Bourbon

Hudson Four Park Harmony

Zamora Company
Yellow Rose Harris County Bourbon
Yellow Rose Outlaw Bourbon
Yellow Rose Rye
Yellow Rose American Premium
Don Papa Rum

2XO by Dixon Dedman

2XO Oak Series American Oak

"Chill AF" CBD by Thomas Hooker Brewery

Local Beers by City Steam Brewery

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